Meet the Pearl…


Life has a way of refining and remodelling us-and most times without announcement! I have been refined and remodelled in my sojourn on earth! I have been hurt so badly I thought I would die! I have been pained so hard I though I would never feel again. But in all I have gone through, I chose not to be passive, lest I be modelled into something or someone I wouldn’t like.

So, rather than play the victim, I chose to dig for the gains in my pain. Like the miner digging for gold, I have stumbled on many dirt, but my focus is the gold. So, regardless of past wrongs, like the miner I brush them aside and keep digging for the gains therein. Knowing that whatever is focused on is magnified, I choose to focus on and thereby magnify my gains and not the hurts or pains I have been through. And today like the Pearl, I have emerged-Beautiful and Precious. A Product of Pain but not bound or limited by it. Irritated into sheer loveliness!

I know the sweetness of marriage and the sting of separation. I have tasted both love and rejection. I love life and enjoy living it! I am shamelessly joyful, deliberately lively. A joy addict if you may know!

So, like the PEARL, I am precious, strong, resilient, optimistic and a beauty to behold. With the gains of my pains, I help others experience healing and wholeness. I encourage, I strengthen, I inspire and I lift up. Yes, I have been beaten by life but have chosen not to be bent by it.

What you have had to face and fight in life I may not know, but I do hope you will find comfort in my posts as I share my life with you. I do hope you will emerge stronger and better from whatever trial life has thrown at you. Having discovered that life can be sweet, depending on which side you bite from, I want to share my joy with you.
This is my platform. This is my world. And you are welcome!

…hurts are real, healing is possible & wholeness is achievable!




2 thoughts on “Meet the Pearl…

  1. I suppose that hurt can be devastating but we walk through the valley in different guises… Marriage, relationship, childlessness, delay in breakthrough, joblessness etc… None is higher than the other.

    I feel for you not because it happened to you, but because you had to experience it this way. I adore being afflicted early that I may gain also early and steer clear of trouble. Sometimes we can’t help but invite it, at other times it comes looking for us. Either way, the strength to OVERCOME is exceedingly glorious. For with the same comfort one receives, he/she is MANDATED to give back unto others… 2Cor.1:3~

    May the comfort of Christ never cease from us, nor stop from rescuing us even from ourselves.



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