A lot of us don’t like going through tough times.  I don’t! And am sure  you don’t either. Challenges have a way of draining us. It even becomes worse when you have to deal with the same thing for a long time. I don’t know if you feel me. I have been through that and trust me it’s not funny. However, I have also found out that our trials and challenges carry such great wealth in them.

In 2 Chronicles 20, we see the account of how about three different kings came against Judah. Scary! Talk of a real challenge. Jehoshaphat who was the king went to ask for God’s help and God told them not to worry because He would help them.  He however told them they would need to step out to confront the enemies. Anyway Judah and Jerusalem went out against the invading army and the rest as they say is history.  They didn’t need to fight.  Rather God set ambushes against the enemy and made them destroy themselves. All good.

The part that however got to me is verse 25 which says “Jehoshaphat and his army came to take things from the bodies. They found many animals, riches, clothes, and other valuable things. It was more than Jehoshaphat and his men could carry away. There was so much that they spent three days taking everything from the dead bodies.  2 Chronicles 20:25 ERV”

Whaooo! The understanding I got from this is that God decided to bless Jehoshaphat and his people and he chose the enemies who came to invade them as conveyors and carriers of the blessings. The Amonites, Moabites and Meunites thought they were coming to invade Judah and Jerusalem. They didn’t realise they were being sent on errand by God to carry and deliver blessings to Jehoshaphat and his people!  Can you imagine! The spoils and goods on the enemies were so much, it took three days to pack it all.

Can you see why your current trials and challenges are the conveyors of  riches? There is untold wealth in your current challenges if only you can partner with God and ask for His help in confronting the enemies.

There are books to be written as a result of your present situation,  there is a Talk show being birthed out of that marital crisis that will not only bless others but also make you a sought out and sought after. The experiences you are ganering now from dealing with that debt situation is preparing you for appearances in great places. That health challenge will make many flock to you by the time God sorts you out. There is wealth in your trials. There are riches in your challenges.  Don’t quit. Rather, buckle up and like Jehoshaphat, receive strenght to confront them because for every enemy you conquer, you will strip him of all valuables and riches!

God bless you!


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