Once when he was standing on the shore of Lake Gennesaret, the crowd was pushing in on him to better hear the Word of God. He noticed two boats tied up. The fishermen had just left them and were out scrubbing their nets. He climbed into the boat that was Simon’s and asked him to put out a little from the shore. Sitting there, using the boat for a pulpit, he taught the crowd. Luke 5:1‭-‬3 MSG


As seen in the passage,  Jesus had to attend to the multitude who had come to hear the word of God from Him. He decided to teach from a boat. He saw two that were tied and got into one. However, He had to tell the owner, Simon Peter to push the boat out from the shore a little which he did.

While some translations say the boats were ‘pulled up’ on the shore, some others say the boats were ‘standing’ on the shore. But I like the Message version that says the boats were ‘tied up’. Probably they were tied up to prevent them from drifting around. Whatever the reason, they were tied up, or pulled up. They were on one spot. Now for Peter to obey Christ’s instruction of pushing or rowing the boat out of the land or shore a little,  he must first untie the boat. Trying to row the boat or push it out of the position where it was without first untying it would be difficult.  He might find himself pushing and pushing yet not being able to get the boat to move. He could try to row all he could,  the ropes will keep the boat stuck. The boat won’t move beyond the length of the rope. There will be limitations and ultimately frustration.  But really, the solution is as simple as untying the boat from where it was before.

Ha! Friend, before you can successfully push your boat out of the shore, for you to rightly  position your boat for Christ to find it useful, you must first untie it from where it was. Could it be that the reason why some of us are expending so much energy,  trying to push out our boat without any success is because the boat is still tied to the shore. The boat could be likened to our minds. Could it be that some nasty experiences from the past have tied and locked down your mind, making it difficult for you to push forward and be maximally available for the Saviour’s use? Are there scars of failure that keep resurfacing and pulling you back though you are trying so hard to get your boat out of the shore where it has always been?

What is that rope?  A rape incidence that you never told anyone about? An abuse from your  childhood?  A marriage that ended in a messy divorce?  A professional exam that you keep failing?  Rejection from the people you looked up to for love? Christ is on the scene now and you have to trust Him for grace to untie the boat of your mind. You have to remove the many chords from the past that have wrapped themselves around you, choking and limiting you. It’s possible. It’s achievable. He did it for me. For years, I was tied by the rope called FEAR! It was terrible,  it was limiting.  But then as I held on to God, to Christ and to the Holy Sprit, the Tritinity brought me into a season where I opened the prison door by myself and I walked away! I figured out that my captor wouldn’t let me go, but I could decide to walk away. And I did. That didn’t mean I stopped feeling fear. But it gave me the liberty to start moving forward, sometimes still afraid. But as I kept moving, I became freer, the foundation of that fear got weaker and today, it’s got no more hold on me. If God hadn’t helped me, I would have missed out on several major opportunities.

Don’t let the enemy keep pulling you back. Untie thr rope so you can be free to row your boat out of that shore and be fully and rightly positioned for Christ to do great things in, with, by and for you.

Did you notice that Christ was already in the boat though it was tied and on the shore. That’s because He doesn’t judge or condemn us. He is also in your boat. All He’s saying is untie this boat, push it out from this shore and let’s make things happen together! Receive the grace, boldness and confidence to untie every rope that has limited you. Receive grace to push your boat out for Christ to use you to affect your generation. Amen.


God bless you!