​Some months back,  I was privileged  to be a guest speaker at a business conference alongside some other great women. The event had  women from various industries in attendance and held in 3 different parts of the nation. I must say it was both a scary and beautiful experience for me. Scary because it was a big event with a large attendance and though I prepared  I just wasn’t sure if I prepared  enough!  Then it was a beautiful event because it gave me the opportunity to really share my life and story with so many people at the same time. 
However what was more beautiful about being part of this huge event was the impact it had on the people. Each session was followed by awesome feedbacks and testimonies. A lot of people saw themselves in my story and got inspired. Hope was rekindled in so many concerning whatever they were  going through. I still run into people  I don’t know who stop me to tell they were at one of the sessions and were  thoroughly  blessed.

The feedbacks really got  me thinking. I reminisced  on the tough path I have had to tread in life and the many obstacles I have had to overcome. And it all began to make more sense. There was a reason bigger than me and my comfort for all those troubles. I had to go through  all I did so that other people can receive hope and encouragement from my story and journey. 

Personally, I love my comfort and I don’t like my boat being rocked. I have however realised that life doesn’t need to seek for my permission before my boat is rocked. It is so easy to become get discouraged when this happens. However, this is the time to develop a bigger picture perspective.  This will not only help you get through the storms and turbulence,  but you will  draw a lot of joy from knowing that several other people will receive hope from your victory.  

Whatever you might be going through  right now,  don’t despair. Rather,  fast forward to the days ahead when you will have the opportunity  to tell people what you have been through and where you are coming from and in the process birth hope in them. 
Pearl… helping you see the gains in your pain


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