Whao! To think I haven’t been here for over one year! Anyway, thank God for life. Hmmm… Between then and now, a lot has happened. Changes, transformation, unfolding, growing up, embracing, discarding. Generally, life has been happening.

Now, once in a while, I fall into the trap of comparing myself with other people. I guess that’s what makes me human. And most times, what I have found out is that someone is always richer, smarter, more beautiful and all. If care is not taken, you are likely to find yourself wishing you had what others have, totally blinded to what you possess. I must admit I have found myself on this path a number of times.

I however got an opportunity to see things in a fresh light this some days ago . I was studying my Bible with a focus on John 6. The few verses narrate how thousands of people came looking for Jesus. He thought it good to feed them. Problem was, there wasn’t any food vendor or restaurant that could cater for that large number. Nothing in sight save a little boy who came with his meal pack comprising of 5 loaves of bread and 2 little fish. Of course, that wouldn’t do much. So why bother?

However, something struck me as I meditated. In verse 11, the Bible records that JESUS TOOK THE BREAD… Hmmm… In order words, He accepted the meal not minding the size. He took what was available and decided to make the best of it. He knew 5 loaves and 5,000 people didn’t really add up, but He took it all the same. Moreso, that was all that was available. That was all He had to work with. So He took, accepted and embraced it. He wasn’t going to waste His time wishing for something better or food from the next town. What was available was good enough. Of course, as He gave thanks and distributed, the meal increased.

As I studied, it became apparent that I also need to TAKE WHAT IS AVAILABLE. I NEED TO TAKE WHAT I HAVE. I decided to take stock and discovered that I actually have a lot for my taking. My skills, talents, strengths, experiences, relationships. These are all treasures waiting to be ‘taken’ by me. And the beautiful thing is as I do, I become a better person, a person of influence, an asset, a source of inspiration to many. Just as thousands left Jesus fully fed, so also will people leave me thoroughly satisfied, emotionally, spiritually, and in other ways. This way, I will be so busy impacting lives that I have little time to wish I was someone else or had what they have.


So, whatever your 5 loaves and 2 pieces of fish may be:your talents, skills, experiences or even your pain, as insignificant as it may seem to, as insufficient as it may appear, I challenge you to simply TAKE IT! Take it, embrace it, give it out then watch it grow and multiply!
…helping you to find the gain in your pain!




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