Hello everyone! And happy new year( this is my first post this year) Apologies for being away! Got really busy towards end of last year and took a while for me to settle into the new year. Anyway, I am here now-to share my life and lessons learnt-which by the way have accumulated over the months -with you. I bet you will be transformed as I have  been. So happy reading!

Some months back, I was in my living room having a ‘me time’. I was watching Lion King:Simba’s Pride. Beyond the fun and relaxation it provided, I also learnt a big lesson. Simba’s father had just told him that he was going to be the king after his death (Simba’s father). Out of innocent excitement, Simba went to share the good news with his uncle Scarr. Unknown to Simba however, his uncle also had his eyes on the throne and wasn’t too glad about the news though he pretended to be. In order to prevent Simba from becoming king, he plotted Simba’s father’s death and sadly, he succeeded.

As I sat watching, the Holy Spirit began to minister to me by calling my attention to the fact that if Simba had kept quiet and not told his uncle anything, his father wouldn’t have died and Scar wouldn’t have been able to blackmail him into going into exile. In order words, it was the information that Simba gave Scar that empowered him to harm Simba and his father. Hmmm…life!

The second lesson I learnt is to never assume everyone is as we are. That you are innocent and transparent doesn’t mean everyone else is. Simba was ignorant of the hatred and envy that was deeply seated inside his uncle. What was supposed to be a good news met with the hatred and bitterness and produced murder and wickedness. You are the only one who knows yourself, you can’t tell what is locked up inside the person you are relating with, so sensitivity and discretion are required.

I know this is difficult to swallow because as humans we want to relate with people. We want them to share in our joy and progress. This is perfectly in order but at the same time, we shouldn’t put ourselves in a position to be manipulated by people based on the information we give them. I am not asking us to become paranoid and suspicious of everyone. Rather I am asking us to be disciplined and sensitive when it comes to sharing deep and confidential information with people. Be observant. Take time to study and KNOW people before opening your bossom to them. I am sure that if Simba had had the maturity to observe his uncle, he would have seen that evil was resident inside of him. Let us be wise because some hardships are simply uncalled for. Remember that privacy of thoughts and security of life go hand in hand.


…helping you find the gains in your pain!






  1. Lovely said Seun my sister. So, I summary conclude that you did not know your ex husband well enough? Knowing you to an extent… I’ll say he must have been 90% guilty.


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