Dont stay there!



Over this Christmas by God’s grace, myself and a couple of other women will be having lunch at the Sheraton Hotel in Lagos Nigeria. I am actually looking forward to this outing. What’s the big deal you might ask? Well, when you consider that we are all women who have had our fair share of low self esteem, self doubt, emotional abuse, rejection, separation and all the works that accompany a bad relationship or a sour marriage, then, you will realise why the outing is special to us. When you also consider that some of us have battled financial setbacks at one point in time or the other-and maybe still learning how to truly make ends meet, then you’ll appreciate the fact that going to Sheraton just to have a great ‘me-time’ is a quantum leap for us.

Yes life has dealt us the wrong hand, but we have decided not to turn that into an eternal sore. Yes, we know when you are separated, you are expected to struggle financially forever, but we beg to differ. I know we aren’t expected to really want any extraordinarily good thing in life-like spending some thousands of Naira on a meal, but we decided to step out of the mould. We choose not to live up to anyone’s expectations except the ones dictated to us by our hearts. We were left at a level and are expected to conduct ourselves in certain ways, but we have made our rules according to what we deem fit and proper for us.

Hmm…when you are separated or divorced, I know all about the pitying looks (which I actually detest). I know how people feel so concerned for you. But I have decided to be an odd one out. I have chosen to be most enviable. I know I am expected to live in squalor, but I have decided to reach for things beyond my limit knowing that they aren’t out of God’s reach. I have purposed to attempt the unthinkable, dare the unimaginable and live an unbelievably rich and juicy life. I refuse to be defined by an event or the actions of a man! I shall be happy! I shall be joyful! I shall live and not just exist! Whaoooo…..

So, who left you? A friend, a spouse, a lover? Trust me, they expect to meet you where you were when they took off. Will you let them? Come on, get up! The world beckons! Take a journey of joy. Embrace delight all the way. Live each day purposefully. Do things you never thought you could. Maybe one day, you will run into those who left you in places they never thought you could be found-1st class cabin on a business trip, at a 5 star hotel having lunch with friends, in Havard enrolling for your MBA. It’s all possible, but only if you get up today-first within, then without! Come on…life awaits!


…helping you find the gains in your pain!


4 thoughts on “Dont stay there!

  1. Wow Sis….this is great!!! And it is marvelous in Gods sight and my sight..I doff my hat for you,salute your courage for being a Saxifrage..for taking up d gainglet!You are irreversibly blessed Sis and I celebrate you!!!


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