So, why am I blogging? Because I want to share my life with you and several others. Because I want to celebrate God’s ability to deliver from destruction and impossibilities. Becasue I know that hurts are real, healing is possible and wholeness is achievable. Because I realised that all I went through isn’t all about me; there are people whose freedom will come through the story of my pain and gain. Because I don’t want you to make the mistakes I made. Because I have experienced real healing and want you to experience same and possibly much quicker. Because I want you to have hope and hang in there no matter how bleak your circumstances might appear right now.

Now talking about hurts! I can tell you I have been hurt. I have been married only to be told years later by the man I had hoped to grow old with that he was tired and opting out. I have made myself vulnerable with people by opening my heart and home to them only to be betrayed and left bleeding emotionally. I have experienced both the sweet and sour side of relationships. Hmmm…I have been hurt beyond what I thought I could possibly handle. At times I look back and I wonder how I scaled through. Then I remember God! Did He help me? Yes He did and He is still helping me. I can’t say I have it all figured out yet or all the pieces neatly put together, but one thing I know, I am a thousand times stronger and wiser than I was years ago. If God helped me, then I am convinced He will help you too. So, let Him!



4 thoughts on “WHY AM I BLOGGING?

  1. thank you Pearl, reading this reminds me that Where you’ve been doesn’t matter as much as the direction you’re going today. one needs to close the door on past hurts and move on with the help of God


  2. Thanks for this, Ayanfe… Been there, know the pain of spousal rejection. Thank God for Christ, the balm of Gilead. With Him holding my hand, I have emerged stronger and, curiously, much happier!


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